Environmental Sciences is an applied science designed to study interactions among biological, chemical and physical components of the environment.

Your Future Opportunities

Obtaining a major in Environmental Science prepares students for a variety of career opportunities.

Careers in this field

  • Conservation Scientist
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Environmental Education Officer
  • Nature Conservation Officer
  • Water Quality Scientist

Department of Biological Sciences

The Environmental Science program is part of the Department of Biological Sciences. 


Environmental Science, Bachelor of Science (BS)

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science utilizes prepares students for entry into leadership positions in industry, government, and public concern groups, as well as provides a foundation for individual community involvement as an informed citizen.

Environmental Studies, Minor

The Environmental Studies minor is an introduction to factors that impact our environment. Major areas of environmental concern include, but are not limited to, water (surface and ground water) quality, air quality, and solid and hazardous waste issues.