Global Solutions in Engineering and Technology (GC)

Current Catalog Year
Major / Total Credits
9 / 9

Program Requirements

Common Core

This class will provide students pursuing a certificate in Global Solutions in Engineering and Technology with an opportunity to explore a set of topics related to achieving success either in advance of or following an international experience (internship, study abroad, etc.). Speakers will include faculty, graduate students, visiting researchers and industry members as well as student participants. Returning students will be required to participate in mentoring of students preparing for their international experience and provide written and/or oral presentations of various topics during the semester. This course is to be required either before or after participation in the international experience.

Prerequisites: none

Restricted Electives

Discussion and analysis of contemporary issues in the field of cultural geography. Designed to allow in-depth focus on current problems/issues that geographers will encounter in their professional practice. Topics vary according to instructor.

Prerequisites: none

Overview of the role of the United States in an increasingly globalized society with a focus on economic and political inequality, the class structure, the labor process, race and gender relations, the global dimensions of capitalism, and modern crisis tendencies.

Prerequisites: none