Cyber Risk Analysis (GC)

This graduate certificate provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to analyze cyber risks, communicate cyber risks to technical and non-technical audiences, and to take steps to manage those risks.

Current Catalog Year
Major / Total Credits
9 / 9

Program Requirements

Common Core

Content covered will include the following: scientific process; sampling bias; hypothesis tests; confidence intervals; risk analysis vs assessment; statistical analysis concepts. Issues with qualitative and quantitative risk analysis methodologies. Exposure to and practice with multiple risk analysis methodologies, including at least one that is considered a standard.

Prerequisites: none

Content covered will include the following: analyze audience; define report outline and objectives for target audience (IT, executives, audit & compliance); ethos/pathos/logos concepts; white papers. Data misrepresentations, intentional or unintentional; appropriate use of data visualization tools and dashboards; representing needle in haystack data (low volume, high risk).

Prerequisites: none

Risk management strategies. Human factors, resistance to change. Design, development and evaluation of security controls; catalog of security controls; performance metrics. Management oversight; cost-benefit analysis, business impact analysis; policies, processes, standards. Technical, administrative, physical controls.

Prerequisites: none