Mechanical Engineering is essential to a wide range of activities that include the research, design, development, manufacture, management, and control of engineering systems, subsystems, and their components.

Your Future Opportunities

Obtaining a major in Mechanical Engineering prepares students for a variety of career opportunities.

Careers in this field

  • Control and Instrumentation Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Materials Engineer
  • Manufacturing company Consultant
  • Researcher at a manufactruing company

Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering program is part of the Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering.

Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Please use the following link to appply for Masters in Mechanical Engineering, including those interested Combined Program.

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Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering (BSME)

The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering prepares students to work with the design and function of machines, devices, and structures in the areas of manufacturing, processing, power generation, and transportation (air, land, sea, and space).

HVACR Engineering Design CERT

The HVACR Certificate provides a focused study of the latest technology and procedures for the design of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems and equipment.

Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science (MSME)

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering is devoted to producing application oriented mechanical engineers. The program is designed to serve new engineering graduates, engineers in business or students interested in research or pursuing a future doctorate.

Engineering, Master of Science (MS)

The Master of Science in Engineering allows students to design their own program of study by choosing courses from Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

Global Solutions in Engineering and Technology, Graduate Certificate

This graduate certificate, in the context of engineering experiences and with a focus on cultural learning, will create a pathway for students to develop cultural and language skills desired by our regional employers.

Mechanical Engineering Faculty & Staff

Meet our Faculty and Staff and learn more about their expertise.