Physics (MS)

Thesis Plan-30 credits
Alternate Plan Paper -34 credits

Current Catalog Year
Master of Science
Major / Total Credits
34 / 34

Program Requirements

Research/Methods Course(s)

Use of the library, electronic and machine shop practices, vacuum and cryogenic techniques, research interests of faculty.

Prerequisites: none

Students will attend research seminars presented by faculty in the department, or speakers from other institutions. Students also make and critique presentations made by themselves and other students. May be repeated for credit. Spring

Prerequisites: none

Restricted Electives

Choose 9 - 12 Credit(s).

Mathematical methods necessary for advanced study in physics. Topic include functions of complex variables, calculus or residues, integral transforms and special functions.

Prerequisites: none

Variational calculus, Lagrangian mechanics, the motions of particles and rigid bodies, the dynamics of oscillating systems and Hamilton-Jacobi theory. Pre: PHYS 441 or equivalent

Prerequisites: none

Bound state and scattering problems in one, two, and three dimensions. Approximation methods for stationary states. Time-independent and time-dependent perturbation theory. General formalism of quantum theory. Pre: PHYS 461 or equivalent

Prerequisites: none

Electrostatics, magnetostatics, boundary-value problems, Green functions, time-varying fields, Maxwell equations, conservation laws. Pre: PHYS 448 or equivalent

Prerequisites: none

Unrestricted Electives

Choose any CSET 500/600 level courses approved by the student's advisor.

Capstone Course