Dr. Trent P. Vorlicek, Professor

PhD | Faculty

Address: Office | 340 Ford Hall
Phone: 507-389-1598
Email: trenton.vorlicek@mnsu.edu

Dr. Vorlicek's teaching responsibilities include: General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental AnalysisEnvironmental Chemistry, and Chemistry & Biochemistry Professional Foundations.

Dr. Vorlicek is an experimental aqueous geochemist with specific interests in elucidating the chemistry of trace metals in anoxic and sulfidic natural waters. Because these elements are preferentially precipitated from such waters, knowledge of the chemistry controlling their deposition is useful for reconstructing the oxygenation history of Earth. Presently, Dr. Vorlicek and his undergraduate researchers are defining the chemical changes vanadium (V) undergoes as it encounters sulfide-rich waters. The Vorlicek group relies on a wide array of analytical techniques to characterize reaction participants and quantify thermodynamic constants. Undergraduates in the Vorlicek group are co-authors on publications and presentations and regularly present their work at national meetings of the American Chemical Society.

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