Dr. Allison Land, Associate Professor

PhD | Faculty

Address: Office | 279 Trafton Science Center S
Phone: 507-389-1349
Email: allison.land@mnsu.edu


  • Ph.D., University of Manitoba


Research Interests

  • Molecular biology to study innate immunity to viral infections
  • Host-pathogen interactions
  • Potential sequelae to infection including autoimmune diseases and cancer

My research program uses molecular biology to study innate immunity to viral infections, host-pathogen interactions, and potential sequelae to infection including autoimmune diseases and cancer. I am especially interested in APOBEC3A, a human innate immune protein that deaminates DNA cytosines to DNA uracils. This can have positive consequences if the DNA substrate is a viral pathogen, such as HIV. This could have negative consequences, however, if the DNA substrate were our own, genomic DNA. How is this controlled? That is what I want to know!

I teach Immunology (BIOL 474/574) in the fall, Molecular Biology (BIOL 479/579) in the spring, and Virology (BIOL 473/573) in the summer.

Pictured (Left to Right): Madeleine Kennedy, Joelle Anderson, Allison Land, Hunter Herber


Nov. 19, 2018. Congrats to Lab Lab students Joelle Anderson, Madeleine Kenney, and Hunter Herber, who were awarded an MSU Foundation grant for their research proposal!

Feb. 1, 2018. Dr. Land co-authored an NSF-STEM grant with Biology faculty Drs. David Sharlin (PI), Rachel Cohen, Britanny Smith, and Dean Brian Martensen, that was awarded nearly one million dollars!!! The project will launch a freshman program entitled RISEbio - scholarship applications are now open!

Nov. 17, 2017. Congrats to Land Lab students Katie Schleper, who was awarded a Foundation grant, and students Katie Gieseke and Jacob Rachuy, who were awarded Undergraduate Research Center Grants!

June 27, 2017. Dr. Land presented the ongoing research efforts of the Land Lab at ASV in Madison, WI, with a talk entitled "Targeting the Human Innate Immune Protein APOBEC3A for Destruction with Lentiviral Accessory Proteins".

April 11, 2017. The Land Lab was well represented at the annual MSU Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS), with five posters, three of which won awards! Congrats Katie Gieseke, Shannon Helmer, and Reed Woyda!

Mar. 16, 2017. Congrats to Land Lab students Shannon Helmer and Ryan Leba, who were both awarded Foundation grants for their research projects!

Nov. 7, 2016. Congrats to Land Lab students Reed Woyda, who was awarded a Foundation grant, and Alyssa Lange, who was awarded an Undergraduate Research Center Grant!

Oct. 22, 2016. Dr. Land gave a talk entitled, "Investigating Lentiviral Accessory Proteins as a Strategy for Counteracting the Oncomutagenic APOBEC3A and APOBEC3B Proteins" at the ASM North Central Branch conference in Ames, Iowa.

Oct. 7, 2016. Dr. Land gave a talk entitled, "Can HIV Cure Cancer?" to the Biology Department at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota.

June 15, 2016. Congrats to Jessica Hadler on her acceptance into the brand new B.S. of Dental Hygiene/M.S. of Dental Therapy program at the University of Minnesota! Good luck, we'll miss you!

May 12-15, 2016. Dr. Land presented a poster entitled, "Lentiviral Counteraction of Oncogenic APOBEC3 Proteins" at the Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research (CAHR) in Winnipeg, Canada.

April 18, 2016. Current Land Lab undergraduate students Jessica Hadler (URC grant recipient) and Jacob Rachuy (Minnesota State Foundation Grant Recipient) will be presenting their research at the MSU Mankato Undergraduate Research Symposium. The abstracts of participating students can be found [PDF] here (5 MiB).

Feb. 5, 2016. I did a follow-up interview with Ahren Backman about our risk for Zika here in Minnesota for the Mankato Hub. soundcloud.com/ahren-backman/mankato-hub-episode-13

Jan. 29, 2016. You can hear my talk about Zika virus with Ahren Backman for Southern Minnesota News:southernminnesotanews.com/doctor-of-biology-explains-why-mosquitos-carrying-zika-virus-will-not-be-headed-to-minnesota/

You can find me on LinkedIn.

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