Andrew Hanegmon, Coordinator of Facilitators

BSE | IRE Bell Program | Staff

Address: Office | 1001 Chestnut St W, Virginia, MN 55792
Phone: 218-966-1192

Why IRE?

Being part of a community of very intelligent people doing big things drew me to Iron Range Engineering (IRE). IRE has become known for being an innovator in engineering education, and I am highly attracted to being part of new programs that have a mindset of continuous improvement and are effective at it. The team and the students who are part of Iron Range Engineering aren’t just good at working but are also genuinely great people always willing to be there for each other which is why I am a part of this team.  



Prior to attending college, I worked in the mining industry rebuilding heavy equipment parts and assemblies. I graduated from Iron Range Engineering in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. After college, I worked in a supervisory role at a remanufacturing plant while starting my own business which I still run today. My facilitating role with the college started in 2017 where I would guide one student project each semester. My full-time role with the college started in January of 2019.



While I do not do any official research at this time, my personal research focus is in the realm of makerspaces. I own and operate a makerspace that allows members to access a variety of equipment and tools they can use to start businesses, enhance current businesses, complete personal projects, spend time with a creator community, or enhance their education. This space acts as a research lab for how spaces like this can create economic development and develop self-directed learners. 


Taking time to hang out with my 2 pitbulls is my top activity during my free time. While I do not spend much time anymore on hobbies, I have always enjoyed carpentry and graphic design. Now and then, I also enjoy gaming on the PC that I built. The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series would be my favorite types of games.

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