Dr. Yuezhou Wang, Assistant Professor

PhD | Faculty

Address: Office | 1001 Chestnut St W, Virginia, MN 55792
Phone: 612-423-5835
Email: yuezhou.wang@mnsu.edu

Dr. Yuezhou Wang is an assistant professor in Iron Range Engineering. He received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University, China (2008) and Ph.D in Materials Science from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (2017). His leading teaching competencies are in areas of materials science, structural analysis, finite element modeling and dynamic systems. He has a broad range of research interests. His technical research focuses on multiscale modeling on mechanical behavior of nanofibers and granular materials. In the area of pedagogical research, he is studying undergraduate engineering students’ motivation and resistance in engaging active learning.


  • PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota

Research Areas

  • Multi-scale modeling of nanomaterials and granular materials
  • Computational materials science
  • Engineering education research in student motivation


Selected Journal Publications

· Yuezhou Wang, Hao Xu, Grigorii Drozdov and Traian Dumitrică, Mesoscopic friction and network morphology control the mechanics and processing of carbon nanotube yarns, Carbon, Volume 139, 2018, Pages 94-104

· Meshal Alzaid, Joseph Roth, Yuezhou Wang, Eid Almutairi, Samuel L Brown, Traian Dumitrică and Erik K Hobbie, “Enhancing the Elasticity of Ultrathin Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Films with Colloidal Nanocrystals”, Langmuir, 2017, Volume 33, Issue 32, 7889-7895

· Yuezhou Wang, Grigorii Drozdov, Erik K. Hobbie and Traian Dumitrica, “Excluded Volume Approach for Ultrathin Carbon Nanotube Network Stabilization: A Mesoscopic Distinct Element Method Study”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 15, 13611-13618

· Yuezhou Wang, Igor Ostanin, Cristian Gaidau, and Traian Dumitrica, “Twisting carbon nanotube ropes with the mesoscopic Distinct Element Method: Geometry, Packing, and Nanomechanics,” Langmuir, 2015, Volume 31, Number 45, Pages 12323 – 12327 (Cover Article)

· Yuezhou Wang, Matthew R. Semler, Igor Ostanin, Erik K. Hobbie, and Traian Dumitrica, “Rings and rackets from single-wall carbon nanotubes: manifestations of mesoscale mechanics,” Soft Matter, 2014, Volume 10, Pages 8635 – 8640

· Yuezhou Wang, Cristian Gaidau, Igor Ostanin, and Traian Dumitrica, “Ring windings from single-wall carbon nanotubes: A distinct element method study,” Applied Physics Letters, 2013, Volume 103, Pages 183902

Selected Conference Paper and Abstract

· Elizabeth Pluskwik and Yuezhou Wang, “Strategies to teach innovative and entrepreneurial engineers: Living the Engineering Entrepreneurial Mindset through Active Learning Strategies” ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Montreal, Canada, 2020

· Traian Dumitrica, Yuezhou Wang, Hao Xu, Grigorii Drozdov and Igor Ostanin, "Distinct Element Method (DEM) for Fibrous Composites: Toward Computational Guided Manufacturing," 5th International Itasca Symposium, Vienna, Austria, 2020

· Yuezhou Wang, Hao Xu, Grigorii Drozdov and Traian Dumitrica, “Role of Mesoscopic Friction and Network Morphology in Carbon Nanotube Yarn Formation—A Distinct Element Method Study”, Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, 2019

· Bart Johnson, Ron Ulseth and Yuezhou Wang, “Applying Design Based Research to New Work-Integrated PBL Model”, International Research Symposium on PBL, Beijing, 2018


Peter A. Cundall Award, 2020

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