Automotive Engineering Technology Outcomes

Automotive Engineering Technology students at the time of graduation are prepared to:

  • apply knowledge of science, math, statistics, and engineering technology to solve problems encountered in a professional career in the automotive industry.
  • design, analyze and build virtual and real models, and conduct testing in product development environments through applied computer technologies.
  • define and communicate a set of requirements for a system, component or process and develop solutions to satisfy given criteria in an optimal fashion using creativity in design.
  • function effectively as a manager, leader, or member of a team.
  • understand and practice professional, ethical, environmental, and global responsibilities.
  • communicate effectively across all design and management interface levels of an organization.
  • recognize the need for and then develop the skills for life-long learning.
  • understand and engage in behavior which respects diversity and global cultures.
  • practice timeliness and quality with regard to work requirements.