Computer Science

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Computer Science welcomes new students to our project-based program! Lower-division courses follow the common computing core that is shared between Computer Science, Computer Information Technology, Management Information Systems, Computer Engineering and Cognitive Science, along with courses that will earn a minor in mathematics. The upper-division program is project-based. Students will work on a series of four significant semester-long projects that come from industry challenges or research projects. Students will typically work on teams to complete the projects and have the option of doing a senior thesis prior to graduation.

The Computer Science major is currently jointly offered by faculty in the Departments of Integrated Engineering and Computer Information Science. Upper-division admission requires a program application. First year students should start by following the major's four-year plan.

If you are ready for upper-division, apply with this form if you are currently a Minnesota State Mankato Student or with this application if you are transferring to the University.

You will be asked to include the following in your application:
  • Unofficial transcript(s)
  • An essay (300-500 words) describing why you want to participate in this project-based Computer Science program. 
  • An essay (300-500 words) describing how you will contribute to the learning communities that develop within this computer science program. 
  • Sample code (25-100 lines) from an outside project or your Algorithms class with a brief description of what the code does (100 words). 
  • Either one letter of recommendation addressing your ability to succeed as a computer scientist in this project-based program or the name of a current College of Science, Engineering, & Technology faculty member with whom you have spoken about your interest in this program. It is strongly recommended to have a math, science, computer science, engineering, or computing professor or an industry mentor be your recommender.  Recommenders can send a letter directly to

The Computer Science minor is still available, although courses will be updated in the coming year to reflect new computer science courses. See the bulletin for more information.