Dr. Geoffrey Goellner, Associate Professor

PhD | Faculty

Address: Office | 345 Trafton Science Center S
Phone: 507-389-5873
Email: geoffrey.goellner@mnsu.edu


  • PhD, Mayo Foundation, Rochester, MN

Research Interests

  • Polyglutamine proteins and neurodegenerative disease

I teach in several courses within MSU's Biology department such as Cell Biology, Neurobiology, and Human Physiology. Furthermore, I am faculty advisor to both the premed and predental clubs, and provide a significant amount of student advising in terms of healthcare careers. In addition, I maintain an active research laboratory, employing a number of MS and undergraduate students, that investigates polyglutamine containing proteins- which are of interest because of their relationship to a group of severe neurodegenerative disorders such as Huntington's Disease. Using standard cell and molecular biology techniques, my students and I are elucidating the function of novel polyglutamine proteins such as FAM171B. If you have an interest in joining my research team please feel free to contact me!

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