Research & Facilities

Our department is located in Trafton Science Center complex, one of the best science buildings in the state university system. Trafton contains well-equipped research and teaching laboratories that favor an open, collaborative atmosphere for study and research. Our modern facility is supported by a media kitchen, environmental chambers, vivarium, greenhouse complex, herbarium, and animal museum collection. Our facilities and equipment are suitable for investigations ranging from ecosystem analysis to subcellular physiology. Learn more about our faculty and student research, facilities, and equipment below.

Faculty Research

As an interdisciplinary department with roots in an array of research fields, faculty research programs can be organized into clusters that span several biological disciplines. Based on expertise and research foci, faculty will be associated with one or more clusters indicated below.

Student Research

Minnesota State University Mankato is a recognized leader in providing authentic real-world research experiences to undergraduate students.


The Department of Biological Sciences maintains state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for both research and teaching.


A list of research equipment and instrumentation.