Project/Paper Guide

In order to be successful at the Science Fair, it's important to plan your project well and understand the types of projects that will be accepted in the science fair. This section is designed to help you plan your project or paper and choose your research method, so that you can create a successful project.

Planning your Project

Through a science fair project you can learn what it is like to think like a scientist or engineer, to investigate and experiment in an area of your interest, and to share your results. This page explain the difference between a scientific method and an engineering method, and will help you decide which to use for your project. You will also find a link to the International Science and Engineering Fair rules.

Project Competition

This page explains how to execute a project that will be competitive at the fair. It explains the major features of a first-class project and provides tips that you can use in your process to help you be successful.

Research Paper Competition

Research paper entries will be allowed for 6-12 graders competing in the Middle/High School Fair. This page explains the paper requirements and provides the information you need to know if you are submitting a research paper individually or as a team of 3 or less.