Ford Lectureship

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Daughters Barbara Ford Olson (left) and Joyce Anderson (right), in the entry way to the 67,000 square foot Ford Science Hall which is named after their father Dr. Leonard A. Ford.


Leonard A. Ford Lectureship

The Ford Lectureship is made possible through the generous contributions of Barbara Olson and Joyce Anderson in honor of their father, Leonard A. Ford. 

Ford Lectureship speakers have included a wide range of accomplished scientists from internationally recognized alumni to Nobel Laureates.  Two presentations are given during each event, one a more technical presentation given during earlier in the day and the second of more general interest presented that evening. 

The Ford family also funds an endowed Ford Chemistry Scholarship.

Previous Presenters of the Annual Ford Lectureship 
Name Year Name Year
Paul Gassman 1990 Mary Kirchhoff 2005
Ronald Hites 1991 Joseph Turpin 2006
Mary Good 1992 Carolyn Merritt 2007
Jeanette Grasselli 1993 Ruth Reck 2008
Mary Virginia Orna 1994 Kathleen Cox 2009
James Cusumano 1995 Michael LaCroix-Fralish 2010
 Ron Perkins 1996 George R. Helz 2011
 Jerrold Meinwald 1997 Duane Grandgenett 2012
 Darlene Hoffman 1998 William Arnold 2013
 Paul Anastas 1999 Peter Agre 2014
 Richard Ward 2000 Michael T. Osterholm 2015
 Joseph Lambert 2001 Malika Jeffries-EL 2016
 Timothy Pifer 2002 Sarah Hobbie 2017
 Sue Clark 2003 Rob Kania 2018
 James BeMiller 2004 Brian Kobilka 2019
    Marc Jenkins 2021
    Christian Abnet 2022
    Adeyemi Adeleye 2023