​Environmental Sciences

Environmental Science BS

Environmental Science Minor

Environmental Science is an applied science designed to study those factors that impact our environment. Major areas of environmental concern include, but are not limited to, water (surface and ground water) quality, air quality, and solid and hazardous waste issues. This program is designed to encourage student to use the resources of all the colleges of Minnesota State Mankato. The program is oriented toward developing hte individual for leadership positions in industry, government, and public concern groups, as well as providing a foundation for individual community involvement as an informed citizen.

Environmental Science BS

Recommended General Education Courses

  • ENVR 101 Perspectives in Environmental Science (4)

Required General Education (8 credits):

  • BIOL 105 General Biology I (4)
  • MATH 112 College Algebra (4) or MATH 113 or MATH 115 or MATH 121
  • CHEM 106 Introduction to Chemistry (3) or CHEM 201 General Chemistry I (5)

Required Support Courses (8 credits):

  • Chem 111 General Biology Chemistry of Life Processes (5) or CHEM 202 General Chemistry II (5)
  • STAT 154 Elementary Statistics (3) or HLTH 475 Biostatistics (3)

Required for Major (Core, 28-32 credits):

  • BIOL 215 General Ecology (4)
  • ENVR 440 Environmental Regulations (3)
  • ENVR 450 Environmental Pollution and Control (3)
  • ENVR 460 Analysis of Pollutants (4)
  • ENVR 470 Environmental Assessment(3)
  • ENVR 498 Internship OR ENVR 480 Research (1)
  • BIOL 106 General Biology II (4)
  • BIOL 215 General Ecology
  • BIOL 410 Global Change Biology

Restrictive Electives (7-8 credits)

  • Select two 300-400 level courses from one of the following emphasis in Biology : Aquatic Ecology, Vertebrate. Ecology, Ecology, Plant Science, Toxicology or Microbiology

*Select one minor from the list below:

  • Chemistry, Geography, Urban & Regional Studies, Geology, Political Science, Business Administration (note lap-top computer required in business courses), Anthropology, Mass Communication, Law Enforcement, Technical Writing, Recreation, Parks and Leisure or other minors with the written approval of Environmental Science Coordinator.

Select (with written approval of the Environmental Science Coordinator)

  • Two 300-400 level courses from one of the following areas: Geography, Urban and Regional Studies; Political Science, Business (note: lap-top computer required for many business courses), Economics or Recreation, Parks and Leisure.

Environmental Science Minor

Required for Minor (Core, 21 credits):

  • ENVR 101 Perspectives in Environmental Science (4)
  • ENVR 440 Environmental Regulations (3)
  • ENVR 470 Environmental Assessment (3)

Select one (1) of the following:

  • ENVR 450 Pollution and Control (3)*
  • ENVR 460 Analysis of Pollutants (4)

*Required prerequisite 1 year of chemistry which can be satisfied with

  • CHEM 106 and CHEM 111
  • OR CHEM 201 and CHEM 20