The following information is mainly for the current graduate students. This serves as a check list for students to finish their degree.

  • Advisor: Students are assigned an initial academic advisor after they are admitted into the graduate program based on their interest or background. During the period of their graduate study, students may change their acamdemic advisor as needed. In genearal, students should fill a Change of Advisor form (click here for the form) after they identify a faculty member different from their initial advisor as their thesis advisor.
  • Comprehensive Exam: Students should plan to pass the comprehensive exam during their second semester or third semester of their program. The Graduate Coordinator will send out the information regarding the comprehensive exam at the beginning of each semester. A Written Comprehensive Examination Request and Report form (click here for the form) should be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator along with other required informations.
  • Application for Graduation: Students need to submit the Application for Graduation form (click here for the form) in the beginning of their last semester at Minnsota State University, Mankato. By this time, students should have selected their thesis committee after consulting with their thesis advisor.
  • Oral Examination: Students need to submit a Recommendation for Awarding the Master's Degree form (click here for the form) after they successfully defend their oral defense of their thesis/APP work. Congratulations! You have just finished the last step to receive your Master's degree.
  • Deadline and Important Dates: Please click here for the deadlines for Submission of Graduation Forms and Theses to the Graduate Studies Office.