The Physics Show

The physics show collage of Minnesota State University physics professors, staff and students

The Physics Show is a demonstration of physics "magic" by Minnesota State University physics professors, staff and students. The show is intended for the general public, especially for the elementary and secondary school students. Unlike the magic shows performed by magicians, where they keep their tricks secret, the physics "magic" can all be explained using simple physics principles and can be performed at home with some practice. The purpose of the presentation is to show people that physics is an experimental science, it is exciting, and it can be a lot of fun!

Admission is free!

The Physics Show is normally held in the spring of even years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Physics Show 2020 has been cancelled this spring.

The Physics Show Team

  • Dr. Thomas “Tom” Brown, Assistant Professor of Physics
  • Dr. Analía “Yanil” Dall'Asén, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Dr. Igor Kogoutiouk, Professor of Physics
  • Dr. Jorge Méndez, Assistant Professor of Physics
  • Dr. Andrew “Andy” Roberts, Professor of Physics
  • Dr. Hai-Sheng Wu, Professor of Physics
  • Mr. Michael Peters, Physics Technician and Engineering Aid Senior
  • The Physics and Astronomy Club Members

Examples of demonstrations you may see at the next Physics Show

  • A closed can that is induced to collapse on itself.
  • A cannon that fires smoke rings.
  • A physics professor driving a nail with a banana.
  • A magic book that makes a spinner levitate above it.,
  • A glass beaker shattered by sound waves.
  • A vacuum cannon that shoots ping pong balls.
  • A physics professor sandwiched between two boards – each containing 2000 nails – with a concrete block on top, which is then smashed with a sledgehammer. (Don't try this at home!)