Student Success

What do Graduates and Employers say?

Krista Wassenaar

I most appreciated the one-on-one communication I had with my professors.

They were always willing to help with questions, which allowed me to truly understand the material I was learning. They were more than just professors, they were mentors for my future. I've made some great friendships through the program that I still have today. It not only helps me in my profession currently, it also helped me to survive my classes and the stresses of college. I was definitely ready for my career. The labs and senior design classes helped get me ready for the real-world experiences I would face by teaching me that communication and the ability to work with others is key for a successful project and career.

The Civil Engineering program at Minnesota State University Mankato gave me the education I needed to take and pass the PE exam.

Having an Minnesota State University Civil Engineering degree and a PE license moves me to the front of the line for future employment opportunities. The faculty are very hands-on and willing to help students. They make sure students are truly ready to tackle employment opportunities that will be presented to them. Minnesota State University Mankato civil engineering students take the bull by the horns and never look back!

Aleigha Burg posing in front of a bulldozer with his arms spread out

I liked the small class sizes, and that we were able to work directly with the professors.

You could get to know and work with your peers. When I graduated, I felt prepared to start my career. I think the most beneficial class was the year-long senior design project. It was the most relatable to real world work. The senior design course is what makes Minnesota State University students stand out. They have to work as a team, hold public information meetings, and most of the civil engineering disciplines are covered. I would recommend Minnesota State Mankato to any student planning on studying civil engineering.

Jim Panko

Attending the Civil Engineering program at Minnesota State University Mankato was a life-altering experience that has provided me with the foundation to a successful career.

The professors were very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and strived to provide real world examples coupled with theoretical analysis to enthusiastically teach the principles of engineering. The Civil Engineering program at Minnesota State University Mankato transformed me from a student to an educated professional equipped with the necessary tools to enter the workforce and quickly advance in my career.

Mat Thibert

As an Minnesota State University Civil Engineering graduate, I appreciated the dedicated faculty that showed a commitment to providing opportunities beyond the classroom.

These experiences taught the importance of practical solutions to engineering challenges. The hands-on nature of the Minnesota State University Civil Engineering program provided me with the confidence to succeed. Throughout my education, I was encouraged to apply for summer internships, provided with opportunities to assist in research and solved practical real-world problems in the classroom. This additional knowledge helped me understand challenges present in the field and respect the unknowns on all construction sites.

The Minnesota State Mankato curriculum provides students with the ability to develop soft skills by stepping out of the classroom and collaborating with regional professionals. These soft skills, coupled with technical education, have allowed me to excel in a variety of professional settings. I would recommend Minnesota State University to any student interested in pursuing a career in civil engineering. The program is tailored to individuals seeking a practical education that focuses on applying technical skills to real-world situations.