Dr. Sorensen's Selected Publications

Bateson, Z. W., J. D. Krenz and R. E. Sorensen. 2011. [PDF] Multiple paternity in the common five-lined skink (Plestiodon fasciatus) (262 KiB). Journal of Herpetology 45 (4):504-510.

Herrmann, K. K. and R. E. Sorensen. 2011. Differences in natural infections of two mortality-related trematodes in lesser scaup and american coot. Journal of Parasitology 97(4):555-558.

Herrmann, K. K and R. E. Sorensen. 2009. [PDF] Seasonal dynamics of two mortality-related trematodes using an introduced snail (391 KiB). Journal of Parasitology 95(4):823-828.

Thiele, E. A., R. E. Sorensen and D. J. Minchella. 2008. [PDF] Genetic diversity and population structuring of Schistosoma mansoni in a Brazilian village (437 KiB). International Journal of Parasitology 38(3-4): 389-399.

Rodrigues, N. B., M. R. Silva, M. M. Pucci, D. J. Minchella, R. E. Sorensen, P. T. LoVerde, A. J. Romanha and G. Oliveira. 2007. [PDF] Microsatellite-enriched genomic libraries as a source of polymorphic loci for Schistosoma mansoni (79 KiB). Molecular Ecology Notes 7:263-265.

Sorensen, R. E., N. B. Rodrigues, G. Oliveira, A. J. Romanha, and D. J. Minchella. 2006. [PDF] Genetic filtering and optimal sampling of Schistosoma mansoni populations (116 KiB). Parasitology 133: 443-451.

Curtis, J., R. E. Sorensen, and D. J. Minchella. 2002. [PDF] Schistosome genetic diversity: the implications of population structure as detected with microsatellite markers (242 KiB). Parasitology 124:S51-S59.

Curtis,J., R. E. Sorensen, L. K. Page and D. J. Minchella. 2001. [PDF] Microsatellite loci in the human blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni and their utility for other schistosome species (120 KiB). Molecular Ecology Notes 1:143-145.

Sorensen, R. E. and D. J. Minchella. 2001. [PDF] Snail-trematode life history interactions: past trends and future directions (168 KiB). Parasitology 123, S3-S18.

Sorensen, R. E., J. Curtis and D. J. Minchella. 1998. [PDF] Intraspecific variation in the rDNA ITS loci of 37-collar-spined echinostomes from North America: implications for sequence-based diagnoses and phylogenetics (360 KiB). The Journal of Parasitology 84:992-997.

Sorensen, R. E. and D. J. Minchella. 1998. [PDF] Parasite influences on host life history: Echinostoma revolutum parasitism of Lymnaea elodes snails (227 KiB). Oecologia 115:

Kanev, I., R. E. Sorensen, M. Sterner, R. Cole, and B. Fried. 1998. [PDF] Identification and characteristics of Echinoparyphium rubrum (Cort, 1914) new comb. (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) based on experimental evidence of the life cycle (1 MiB). Acta Parasitologica 43(3): 181-188

Minchella, D. J., R. E. Sorensen, J. A. Curtis and A. A. Bieberich. 1997. Molecular biology of trematodes: approaches and applications. pp. 405-446 in B. Fried and T. K. Graczyk, eds. Advances in Trematode Biology, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.

Fried, B., K. A., Schmidt, and R. E. Sorensen. 1997. [PDF] In vivo and ectopic encystment of Echinostoma revolutum and chemical excystation of the metacercariae (1 MiB). The Journal of Parasitology 83(2): 251-254

Sorensen, R.E., I. Kanev, B. Fried and D.J. Minchella. 1997. [PDF] The occurrence and identification of Echinostoma revolutum from North American Lymnaea elodes snails (113 KiB). The Journal of Parasitology 83: 169-170.

Sorensen, R. E. 1996. [PDF] Life-history schedules in Daphnia magna--an ecological activity for multiple laboratory sessions (301 KiB). Pages 185-196, In Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching, Volume 17 (J. C. Glase, Editor).

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