Applying for Internship

Obtaining permission to register for IT 497/IT 597 is a four step process:

Step 1. Find an internship.
Most students find jobs through their own contacts. Students can also discover internship opportunities by visiting, by reading the Internship bulletin board, or by joining the Mailing List.

Step 2. Determine the number of credit hours you can register for.
You must complete 160 working hours for each credit of internship during the semester enrolled. These will require evidence when the internship is finished. (If hours from the weeks prior to the semester or just following the semester may be needed, discuss this with the Internship Coordinator.)

Step 3. Apply for Internship credit through the CIS Internship Portal
Students that want to enroll in IT 497 or IT 597 must apply to request permission to register.

Not all positions will qualify. Help desk and IT support positions are typically NOT approved. To be approved, the position:

  • must give the student experience that is related to IT/CIS classes taken as part of the major
  • must be supervised by someone with expertise in IT, CS, MIS, or a closely related field
  • should be paid. 

To apply, log in to the CIS Internship Portal using your star ID. 

Fill in the required fields and upload a zip-file containing the job offer, position description, and current DARS report or transcript.

Step 4. Register for Credits
If the application is approved, you will receive an email message stating that you may register for the course credits. The actual registration for internship credits is not complete until you actually register for the credits. Be sure to select Pass/No Credit as the grading method. If the first week of the semester has passed, please use the online registration appeal system.