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B507 is a student run faculty mentored consulting enterprise. Bureau employs students from variety of disciplines including but not limited to Information Technology, Graphic/Web Design, Audio Visual Production, and Business. Students have formed 6 production teams based on those disciplines: IT team, Business Team, Graphic Design Team, Sales Team, AV (Audio Video) Team and User Experience Team. B507 works with real clients, on real world projects. Projects are planned and managed by students but supervised by faculty and professional staff of Minnesota State University, Mankato. Students employed by Bureau directly interact with clients on a weekly basis, and practice critical thinking to provide creative solutions for every client.

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Distinctive Solutions by ApogeeApogee logo

Distinctive Solutions by Apogee is a partnership between MSU and Apogee, Inc. Students work on real world information systems (IS) projects under the guidance of Apogee's IS staff. Specifications for these projects are provided by Apogee and each student is assigned a contact/mentor to provide the expertise needed to complete each project. Work schedules are flexible, and school is still the students' highest priority.

For more information about Distinctive Solutions by Apogee, contact Dr. Michael Wells, Director.

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Project Maverick is a collaborative effort between, MSU, Maverick Software Consulting (MSC), and Thomson Reuters Corporation. Students work on real world software development and software testing projects. Project specifications originate from Thomson Reuters's IS staff and a variety of platforms are used to complete them under the guidance of MSC's Vice President of Software Testing. Work schedules are flexible, and school is still the students' highest priority. Project Maverick may be used to satisfy a student's internship requirement.

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