Internship Testimonials

Below you will find stories from our graduates sharing how they ended up in our program, their internship experience, and how that has led them to where they are now.

 "I was well prepared for my internship. I had a good base in estimating, a good base in scheduling and project management as a whole."

Karl Kratzke, CM Graduate

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 “It was winter and cold and snowy when I first came here,” the native of Somalia recalled. “When I walked around, I knew this was a place where I could learn.”

Awale H. Awale, CM Graduate

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 “I am not a typical woman,” Mitchell said. “I am not dainty and it doesn’t scare me to get in there with them, get on a ladder; I’m not afraid to get muddy and dirty …"

Brittany Mitchell, CM Graduate

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 “I really understood why you need to know certain information and why you do the things that you do...”

Yusef Haddad, CM Graduate

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 “It is interesting and I am really enjoying it. I work on these structures that are 80 meters tall (165 feet) and prior to this the highest I have been is on a three story house.”

Trevor Hohertz, CM Graduate

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 “Our professors said you can know the content but if you are not good with relationships you probably won’t survive in this industry.” 

Xe Yang, CM Graduate

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 "My crew and I, we all learned this stuff in each of our classes, like business and all the construction classes, and it seemed like everything kind of came together at the end. It was interesting."

Travis Keanaaina, CM Graduate

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 "People think construction management jobs are all on site where you direct workers and their tasks," Severson explained. "But there are so many other kinds of jobs that fit into the degree."

Jennifer Severson, CM Graduate

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